Welcome to the South Anglia Repeater Group Website

The South Anglia Repeater Group (SARG) currently has seven repeaters under its control.

GB3PO – 2m VHF located in Ipswich
GB3IH – 70cms UHF located in Ipswich
GB3EF – 6m VHF located at Mendlesham
GB3EA – 2m VHF located
 at Wickhambrook
GB3EZ – 70cms UHF located at Wickhambrook
GB7MK – 70cms UHF DMR located in Ipswich
GB7PP – 70cms UHF D-Star located in Ipswich

We serve the local Amateur radio users and RAYNET with a method of communication over long distances, using low power radios with the repeater relaying over a wider area. The repeaters can also play a vital role in assisting emergency and user services when normal methods of communication have failed.

Repeaters are used for licenced radio amateurs to communicate as part of the hobby of amateur radio.

Our repeaters cover mostly Suffolk, extending in to Essex, Cambs, Herts and Beds and much further a field when the conditions allow.

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