Privacy information and data compliance. How your data is stored and used.

South Anglia Repeater Group is a volunteer group of radio amateurs. Andy Proctor volunteers to maintain the mailing list as stated below all information is stored under the privacy policy of Andy Proctor LTD ICO:00042458701.

Inclusion of details of legitimate interests in our privacy information.

We understand our responsibility to protect the individual’s interests and Andy Proctor is registered for data compliance and we confirm with relevance to South Anglia Repeater Group that we give particular weight to protecting the mailing list contacts for the separate South Anglia Repeater Group interested party’s, stakeholders, radio amateurs and activity providers.

We will never pass on, sell or use your data for anything other than the legitimate interest most appropriate for how we use people’s data in ways they would reasonably expect and which have a minimal privacy impact, or where there is a compelling justification for the processing. Andy Proctor LTD only use individuals’ data in relevance to  South Anglia Repeater Group in ways they would reasonably expect, unless he has a very good reason and we are not using people’s data in ways they would find intrusive or which could cause them harm, unless again, we have a very good reason.

Mailing list (email).

South Anglia Repeater Group has a mailing list that is used for legitimate interest only, relating the people on this list subscribing and confirming that they want to receive the news, information and any issues with local repeaters or abuse of the repeaters, our service including developments, activities and events that relating to amateur radio. Our mailing vendor (MailChimp) has an opt-out option on every mail-shot sent. The separate South Anglia Repeater Group mailing has contacts that have signed up to the list in person at radio events or by clicking the website. All of the people on our list have signed up for them to receive the information via email, not a generic list/contact sent to a company email address. It is always a person who as asked to be on that list either within the company (email address) they work at or private person interested in the information we send out. The only information held is name and email address only; to make it necessary to achieve contacting them and no more. This information is held with MailChimp and only has name and email address stored, nothing else other than the clicks, opens and campaigns list history and who they have been send to. We do not believe that there is another way reasonably achieve the same result in another less intrusive way.

Saved Email Contacts.

Sign up to the mailing list would not come to Andy Proctor’s Gmail email account if done via the South Anglia Repeater Group website as MailChimp handles all our on-line sign up submission to South Anglia Repeater Group mailing list. Andy uses Gmail email to store his list of email contacts if you do email him directly to be added to the database for email news letters. We have a Gmail Account with Two-Step Authentication (a Password and SMS to Andy’s Phone) that has to be entered before access can be achieved for enhanced security, ensuring your original contact email data is secure. This email is then expected to be deleted once added to the data base if you have sent this request by separate email asking to be included on the mailing list.

Cloud Stored Files with Contact Data.

Andy Proctor LTD does not store any contacts in our own cloud storage services not already mentioned above. 



Last updated 13/5/2018