Welcome to the South Anglia Repeater Group Website

The South Anglia Repeater Group (SARG) currently has eight repeaters under its control covering most of Suffolk, extending in to Norfolk, Essex, Cambs, Herts and Beds and much further a field when the conditions allow.

GB3PO – 2m VHF located in Ipswich
GB3IH – 70cms UHF located in Ipswich
GB3EF – 6m VHF located at Mendlesham
GB3EA – 2m VHF located
 at Wickhambrook
GB3EZ – 70cms UHF located at Wickhambrook
GB7MK – 70cms UHF DMR located in Ipswich
GB7AL – 70cms UHF DMR located in Tunstall

GB7PP – 70cms UHF  Mendlesham

We serve the local Amateur radio users with a method of communication over long distances, using low power radios with the repeater relaying over a wider area. 

Our Repeaters are  for licenced radio amateurs to communicate as part of the hobby of amateur radio. Please give priority to mobile users or emergency traffic.

Use of ANY of the Repeaters within our Group for operational, community or planned RAYNET events is at the discretion of the Repeater Keeper only – including all Club NETs.

As we are all well aware, COVID-19 has affected the whole world.  The SARG AGM was due to be held at the end of April to beginning of May. With the current restrictions this will be put back till later in the year possibly around September.

Also, this site may have to close down in the near future.  It is still being hosted by Andy M3FDQ with grateful thanks.  It MUST get moved to a new hosting site and it MUST have someone prepared to keep it running and updated.  In the meantime, the rest of the site will remain as is with just this front page.

For further information about our repeaters, please contact the secretary:
Keith Gaunt – G7CIY